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Wassup and welcome to our Heart of Vegas Cheats Site. If you have not played the game yet, better download it now and play it in your phone. You can get it from here.Today you will discover the best and easiest way to dominate the game because you will certainly know the best method there is in the net.You see, with our method, you will no longer spend any of your hard earned money to buy any coins for the game. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions that I will provide and you will be an elite player in no time. Read on!

Let me introduce you to my new work - HVx build 4.1.30. Coding this software has for sure taken quiet a long time but all work has not gone to waste because it will certainly benefit many players. You will thank me later! Promise. :) That's why you are in Luck because we have decided to release it to the general public for beta testing and further the development of the software. I could actually charge you some test amount or a one week run for a couple of bucks. Besides, that amount is nothing compared to the amount and money you can generate for your game so it is all fair. But, I am in a happy mood today so I will give you a better deal that you cannot neglect. My team has certainly spent countless hours of work to perfect this trainer and we can assure you that it is very user-friendly because we have devised the GUI the simplest way possible. Of course our previous versions were a complete mess. We though it was running fine but it would suddenly crash down without any reason. So we had to completely recode the whole thing. Luckily we found a new glitch that we can exploit and that's when thing were finally going well. Of course there are still little bugs that we may not have seen and that is why this beta test is released for you to try out.

Heart of Vegas Free Coins

Of course we ourselfves have been the necessary independent testing for the software to make sure that it works on all the platforms of its release. That includes personal friends and families and other random people who have responded to our email request.With that 1st batch of beta testers, we are happy to tell you that indeed the software is quiet addictive because it excites the users not to mention that having unlimited coins will certainly allow them to play the real billionaires.

It's not a question of how to hack Heart of Vegas for free coins. It's how you play the game and enjoy it at a premium level. It's plain and simple. All you really need is to access our new generator page on the next page and follow the instructions we have provided for you. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to follow the instructions because we have placed so much effort to the development of the hack tool so you can have all the necessary game goodies at a simple click of a button.

We are pretty excited with this tool that couldn't help but tell you how we actually did it. It's just an overview of how things work but the real trick that we did was to simulate the process when a normal person would go to the in apps and make a purchase for more coins. We did it so well that the system thinks we are making a legitimate purchase but in truth it is our coding that is doing the work for you. That is why we can guaranttee you that your account is far from getting banned because of this simple yet complicated coding trick. Of course all amount you add is similar to the ones provided in the app to make it look natural. Just check out the video proof we share on the next page.

Our cheat guide will always stand out above the rest because it is a stand alone tool. Unlike other stuff that requires you to download a file and install it to your device to modify the game, we actually got pass that trick. That process is pretty old school. Although it is effective, any major upudate on the game will easily null your hack and will most probably no longer work and easily raise a red flag on your account. We deviced a way that works well and is just as effective without endangering your precious game account and that is through an online generator. All the hacking is done through our system and thus your IP location will continue to be anonymous to the game server. That my friend will for sure keep your account safe both from any virus or spyware interference but as well as the dreaded hammer ban.

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HVx build 4.1.30 is on beta mode and accessing it is completely free. That mean you get to exploit the game at zero cost and yet enjoy the game with unlimited coins. 100% percent virus free and 100% zero charge. All you have to do is try it today

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